RMRU is remembering Trevor Laher, mission 2020-016 on March 27, 2020, a young man who had an accident on the Pacific Crest Trail and passed-away. His memory will live on, using the money donated to us in memory of Trevor by over 40 people, we have purchased a new light weight snow litter. This new litter is half the weight of our 25+ year old one. Also, it can be broken in half to make it easier to carry in on a backpack and it works with our wheel once we get off the snow and onto dirt and rocks.

Some RMRU members with new snow litter with wheel attached in front of Rescue Van.

Trevor was a young man doing what he loved to do, hiking and being out of doors, just like all of us on RMRU love to do. This new litter will make it much easier for us on future missions when we have to carry out someone who is injured in the snow. We can pull it in the snow and when we come to the snow line and go back onto rocks and dirt, we can add the wheel and keep going. We have put his name on the litter so he will always be remembered. Our condolences to family and friends of Trevor Laher.

Trevor Laher name plate on snow litter.