Index of Frequently Asked Questions 

You will find answers to frequently asked questions about RMRU, how to join us, and information about outdoor hiking and wilderness safety issues. Please click on the main topic heading to go to each section’s faq.

The Organization and How You Can Support RMRU:
What area does RMRU cover?
Are RMRU members a part of the Riverside Sheriff’s Department?
Why is RMRU a separate non-profit corporation instead of Reserve Deputies for
the Sheriff’s Department?
Does RMRU have search dogs, mounted posse, underwater team, or swiftwater rescue?
What is the MRA?
What is NASAR?
What is the difference between the MRA and NASAR?
Where can I find RMRU’s Standard Operating Procedures, Training Manuals, By-laws,
etc. online? How can I support the search and rescue efforts of RMRU?
Where does RMRU receive funds for search and rescue operations?
Is my donation tax-deductible?
What is RMRU’s tax-deduction code?
Who provides air support for RMRU?
Does RMRU charge for it’s services? Joining RMRU and Public Training Opportunities:
How do I join RMRU?
What equipment does a member need to purchase?
How quickly do I need to purchase this equipment?
What skills or experience should a person have before joining?
What are the minimum requirements for joining RMRU?
Why can’t people under 18 join?
Is there an Explorer group (or similar organization) associated with RMRU?
Does RMRU provide all of the first-aid training to it’s members?
How quickly will I have to obtain first-aid certification?
Are there other search and rescue organizations in Riverside County?
How long will it take to become a fully certified rescue member?
Are there any full-time, paid search and rescue teams? Does RMRU offer search and rescue training to the general public?
Does RMRU offer a wilderness safety class to children and adults?
How do I schedule a wilderness safety class?

Outdoor Hiking and Wilderness Survival Information:

Wilderness Survival
What are the most important items to bring on a hike?
How long can I survive if I’m lost or stranded?
What can I use for an emergency shelter?
How do I find water?
What can I eat?
How do I start a fire? Getting Lost
How can I avoid becoming lost?
Should I stay where I am if I become lost?
What should I do if I am lost?
How often does RMRU find the persons they are searching for? What are the most common situations that result in a search or rescue?
What should I know about wilderness first-aid?
How can I learn about search and rescue? Safety Issues Regarding Children
What should children know before going into the outdoors?
What should adults know before bringing children into the outdoors? Navigation Skills:
What is GPS?
Is a GPS the only navigation tool I need?
How do I use GPS to find my way?
How do I use a map, compass, and altimeter?
What is UTM?
How do I use UTM?
What is an Interpolator?
When should I use UTM instead of LAT/LON?
How do I manually convert UTM to LAT/LON

General Wilderness Information:

What are the chances of surviving a rattlesnake bite?
Should I try to walk out of the wilderness if I’m bitten by a poisonous snake?
How do I treat a poisonous snake bite?
Why do the FAQs only talk about rattlesnakes? Bears and Mountain Lions
What should I do if I see a bear or mountain lion?
Should fight or play dead if I get attacked by a bear or mountain lion?
Can bears climb trees?
How often do bear or mountain lion attacks occur?
How do I avoid contact with bears and mountain lions? Avalanche
How do I avoid avalanches?
How do I prepare for an avalanche?
What do I do if I get caught in an avalanche?
What are the odds of surviving an avalanche?
How do I use an avalanche transceiver?