RMRU Fun Trips

RMRU members not only go on Missions and Trainings, but they also get with others on the Team to do fun personal trips. These trips can be a one day hike, climb, or canyoneering or multi-day trips to the High Sierra's and other places. It is one of the advanages of being on the Team. Being able to find people who are like minded and capable of dong the things we as members love to do. Below are just some of the fun trips that team members have done. They are in pdf format, by the year, starting with 2020. We may add some trips before 2020 in the future.

Start Date Fun Trip Number Location Description
01/14/2021 2021-001 Ice Ouray CO Ice Climbing
09/03/2020 2020-002 High Sierra - Onion Valley Climbing Peaks
07/25/2020 2020-001 Kern River Canyoneering Seven Tea Cups Video