RMRU is a volunteer search and rescue team that covers Riverside County and assists other teams with search and rescue efforts in other counties. Each member purchases their own equipment and takes time off work, without compensation, to participate in search and rescue missions. Team equipment is purchased from contributions from the community.

coordinates missions in the mountainous areas of Riverside county. Very often, missions involve several groups working in desert, mountain, and urban environments. RMRU also responds to missions outside Riverside County. There are no set boundaries for each search and rescue organization within the county. 

The Riverside Mountain Rescue Unit is a group of volunteers trained and ready to respond to wilderness emergencies. At any hour of the day, law enforcement agencies, national park and military officials may call upon the Unit to aid an unfortunate victim.

RMRU is a non-profit organization and are funded by donations from people like you. To read about past missions and see pictures of the team in action, click on the Missions link at top of the page.

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RMRU is remembering Trevor Laher, mission 2020-016 on March 27, 2020, a young man who had an accident on the Pacific Crest Trail and passed-away. His memory will live on, using the money donated to us in memory of Trevor by over 40 people, we have purchased a new light weight snow litter. This new litter is half the weight of our 25+ year old one. Also, it can be broken in half to make it easier to carry in on a backpack and it works with our wheel once we get off the snow and onto dirt and rocks.

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