Archive Index of Past Missions

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RMRU is extremely proud of the many decades of service we have provided to the community. Here is our Archive Index of our past Missions in pdf format, by the years, starting with 2019 and going back to 1960.

Start Date Mission Number Location Description
April 1966 1966-01-XX Various Locations Various Searches
01/10/1966 1966-01-10 Blythe Report of Men in Mine Shaft
01/08/1966 1966-01-30 Palm Springs Tram Five Overdue Boys
01/08/1966 1966-01-08 Dry Lake Missing Boy Scout
01/01/1966 1966-01-01 Saddle Junction/Tahquitz Peak Three Missing Boys
Start Date Mission Number Location Description
11/26/1965 1965-11-26 Missing 16 Year Old in Snowy Conditions
10/18/1965 1965-10-18 Long Valley, San Jacinto Missing Scout and Scout Leader
10/10/1965 1965-10-10 Ortega Mountains Two Missing Boys
09/30/1965 1965-09-30 Reche Canyon Two Young Girls Missing
09/19/1965 1965-09-19 Santa Rosa Peak Missing Hunter
09/16/1965 1965-09-16 Mono County Missing Elderly Man in Mono County
07/19/1965 1965-07/19 Badlands Near Moreno Valley Victim of Dune Buggy Rollover
06/19/1965 1965-06-19 Ortega Mountains Missing Eighty Year Old Man
06/18/1965 1965-06-18 YMCA Camp Near Black Mountain Missing Boy
06/08/1965 1966-06-08 Pinyon Flats Missing Five Year Old Girl
05/31/1965 1965-05-31 Murry Canyon Two Tram Hikers Overdue