Missing Person – Bogart Park

July 02, 2022
Bogart Park, Cherry Valley

Written by: Eric Holden

At 0030 in the morning, we got a callout for a missing late 40’s female that had gotten separated from an event at Bogart Park. The family, aviation and blood hounds had been trying to find her since about 1600 the previous day. Vinay, Blake, Glenn, and I all made the drive out there and along with the Riverside County search teams began to search the trails around the park at around 0200 in the morning. We searched until about 0500 in which we regrouped as we found no sign of her.

We requested additional help and got 4 members from DSSAR and Ray and Shani from RMRU. About an hour after we deployed the additional rescuers, a Sheriff’s deputy found her, safe back at her home in Banning. We were all glad for a good outcome and drove back home to get some sleep.

RMRU Members Involved: (Blake Douglas, Glenn Henderson, Eric Holden, Shani McCullough, Vinay Rao, and Ray Weden)

Other Agencies Involved: (Riverside County Search Dogs, DSSAR, STAR-9)