Missing Woman Hwy 74

February 15, 2021
Highway 74 Area below Mt. Center

Written by Glenn Henderson.

At 8:50 pm the team is called out by call captain Gwenda Yates. It seems that a Danielle was hiking down the drainage next to highway 74 towards Hemet. She had dialed 911 and reported that it had gotten dark and was lost.

Seven of us rolled out and went to a phone ping location about 400’ from 74 and Strawberry creek drainage. A team of 3 went to the ping location while another team went to where the drainage crosses 74. After much calling out and not finding any sign (footprints) in the bottom, the teams then went up to where the trail starts. Again, nothing was found. Since it was a burner phone, we did not have a number to call and could not ping it again. So, everyone was released and returned home at 12:30 am.

RMRU Members Involved: Coby Brown, Cameron Dickinson, Glenn Henderson, Beth Jeffery, Rob Newton, Vinay Rao, and Becky Templeton.