Marion Mt. Lost Hikers

December 19, 2020
Marion Mt. Trail, San Jacinto Mts.

Written by Tom Blanke.

RMRU was activated at 8:00 PM for two lost hikers that were possibly hypothermic near Marion Mountain. RMRU responded and Vinay and Coby established base with Riverside County Sheriff’s Deputies at the Marion Mountain trailhead.

James and Blake formed the first team and set off on the trail to find the lost hikers. Kase and I forming the second team and following behind to provide support as required. Team 1 was able to locate the subjects off the trail, and after ensuring they had not sustained any injuries, they escorted them to the trail.

Team 2 linked up with Team 1 and the subjects at the Marion Mountain and Deer Spring Trail junction and escorted them back down to the trailhead.

Coby, Blake, Thomas, James, Kase, 2 Subjects, RSO Deputy, and Vinay.

RMRU Members Involved: Thomas Blanke, Coby Brown, Kase Chong, Blake Douglas, James Eckhardt, and Vinay Rao.