Research for Roy

August 22, 2020
North Fork San Jacinto River

Written by Eric Holden.

The team got together to continue to search for Roy back from mission 2020-010. The purpose of this search was to try to hit the entire North Fork of the San Jacinto River very carefully. The team met at 6am off the Highway 74 before carpooling up to Fisherman’s Point along the Old Control Road. With Ray working comms from the road above the entire team began hiking down to the river.

Tyler up in the top of the canyon crossing North Fork.
Image by Eric.
Blake searching in brush along North Fork.
Image by Eric.

From there we spread out and searched all the way up to where Webster Trails comes in. We then search from there all the way down to the 74 following the river the entire way.

Blake and James on double repel with Tony Belaying.
Image by Eric.
Corey and Kaitlyn thumbs up, having fun.
Image by Vinay.

There are multiple waterfalls up to 120ft that required rappelling in the water to continue down the canyon. Since it was a hot day no one minded getting wet. Unfortunately, no sign of Roy was found.

Taking a cooling off break in one of the pools.
Image by Vinay.

RMRU Members Involved: Cameron Dickinson, Blake Douglas, James Eckhardt, Corey Ellison, Michael George, Glenn Henderson, Eric Holden, Tony Hughes, Kaitlyn Purington, Vinay Rao, Tyler Shumway, and Ray Weden.