Lost Hiker San Jacinto

May 22, 2020
Marion Mt. Trail

Written by Beth Jeffery.

RMRU received a call at 5:48 PM for a lost hiker who took the Marion Mountain trail up to San Jacinto Peak. He got lost by the Fuller Ridge Trail on the way down due to snow.

Blake was first to respond. After that Cameron, Beth, and Shani arrived and we were coordinating the hasty team and team 2 to head up the Marion Mountain Trail to assist the subject and bring him down the trail.

Beth and Blake began their hike up the trail and within minutes we came across a hiker and asked if he was our subject. He said yes. We offered him something to drink, eat, and a jacket as he spoke with the deputy. The mission was successfully complete by 8:27pm.

RMRU Members Involved: Cameron Dickinson, Blake Douglas, Beth Jeffery, and Shani Pynn.