Lost PCT Hiker

March 27, 2020
Saddle Junction

Written by Eric Holden.

Word came out last night that we had an InReach activation up near Red Tahquitz, see mission #2020-014. Unfortunately, I could not respond as I had an out of town guest I was hosting. My buddy Patrick and I had planned on hiking to San Jacinto peak that same day, so instead we opted to hike near where the subject went missing just in case I was needed to assist.

As were where heading up towards Chinquapin flats we got word that another PCT hiker was found lost and cold from the previous night’s Storm. As we already had a team heading towards the InReach ping it was decided that it was now time to officially become a rescuer to help on this new mission.

We met up Taťána and Simon, both PCT through hikers. Because of the icy conditions and new snow fall, Taťána had taken a 50 meter fall the day before, lost the trail and spent the night lost in a bunch of rocks near Chinquapin flats. With the last 1% of her battery she posted on Facebook that she was lost. Simon saw the posting, and in the morning went looking for her.

He was able to find her about 5 minutes before RMRU rescuers were on scene. Simon was able to provide the great moral support she needed. As Patrick and I came across Simon and Taťána they were in good spirits and descending towards Idyllwild.

Eric, Lost Hiker Taťána, and Patrick
Image by PCT Hiker Simon

We hiked out with them to ensure they made it to town safe. As we were descending, we got word that RMRU members Jesse and Derek were on their way up to meet us, but they were called back as we were called out to another mission in the Apache Peak area, see mission #2020-016.

Lost PCT Hiker Taťána and PCT Simon who helped her
Image by Eric Holden

RMRU Members Involved: Derek Donovan, Blake Douglas, Glenn Henderson, Eric Holden, Beth Jeffery, and Jesse Rodriguez.

Civilian Personal Involved: Patrick Lasu and PCT Hiker Simon.