Skyline Hiker

October 27, 2019
Skyline Trail to San Jacinto

Written by James Eckhardt

We were called out to search for a skyline hiker reported missing by his hiking party. The subject had become separated from his group at Wellman Divide when his hiking companions had started to run back to the tram. The intention had been to meet at the Tramway; however, the subject did not make it.

With that information, Cameron, Blake, Tony and I met at Humber Park with the intention of hiking to Wellman Divide. As we were gearing up for the hike, we noticed a light coming down the Devil’s Slide trail, and sure enough, it was the subject. After giving the subject food and water (he had run out of both), we handed him over to the Sheriff’s officer Funkhouser to get a ride back to his friends.

As is often the moral from our rescues, it is essential to never leave a hiking companion. This mistake could have led to a long search, but thankfully in this case, the conclusion was rapid and simple.

RMRU Members Involved: Cameron Dickinson, Douglas Blake, James Eckhart and Tony Hughes.