Deer Springs Mix Up

October 14, 2019
Humber Park to Deer Springs

Written by Glenn Henderson

The team was called out for a missing hiker somewhere off the Angels Glide trail at 4:15 PM. She had started at Humber Park and was to return out the Deer Springs trail just north of Idyllwild. We decided to meet at the Deer Springs trailhead.

When we got there, we met Sheriff’s officer Funkhouser. He reported that she had been found by other hikers on Suicide Rock and were hiking her out. I sent Vinay to hike in, meet them and hike out with our subject.

Meanwhile the husband was worried about his Wife, so he started hiking in from Humber park to find her. His last text was that he had gone one and half miles too far and was going back. No more signal from him so was he going back to Humber or out to Deer Springs Trailhead?

Vinay was back at base with the wife and I then sent he and Blake Douglas in Deer Springs to find the husband. An hour later they radioed that they had met up with the husband and were continuing back out with him.

At base

Glenn, Sheriff, Subjects, Vinay, and Blake at Base
Image by Unknown.

Everyone was back at base by 8:30 PM.

RMRU Members Involved: Cameron Dickinson, Douglas Blake, James Eckhardt, Glenn Henderson and Vinay Rao.