Three Lost Hikers

August 10, 2019
Marion Mountain Trail

Written by Daniel Tran

At approximately 4:00 PM, after spending 8 hours in the field doing GPS, map, and compass training, the team received an emergency call, stating that 3 subjects had become lost while hiking the Marion Mountain Trail. RSO Aviation came flying over the Devils Slide Trail as we were hiking down from the Saddle Junction after our day of Training. They called us on our radios and asked if we could come over to the Marion Mountain Trailhead and hike in to get some lost hikers. We said yes, they then gave us the coordinates, approximately 0.7 miles away from Marion Mountain Campground and 0.4 miles away from the trail were they had spotted the subjects.

Blake, Vinay, Rob, and I were sent into the field and Kase, Eric, and Pete ran base. Glenn and Ray arrived shortly after with the team vehicle. We used our freshly learned knowledge about navigation to devise a plan of trekking on an old logging route along contour lines. We approached the end of the logging trail and were able to reach the subjects after cutting across some vegetation. Though they sustained a few scrapes while moving through thick brush, the subjects were thankfully in good condition and spirits.

They encountered difficulties with their phone connection and became lost while trying to find their way back down the trail. There were slippery boulders along the few streams on the way back, but we were all able to make it back to base safely.

Team and Subjects at Base

Rescuers and 3 Subjects at Base
Image by Riverside Sheriff.

RMRU Members Involved: Pete Carlson, Kase Chong, Blake Douglas, Glenn Henderson, Eric Holden, Rob May, Daniel Tran, Vinay Rao, and Raymond Weden.