Overdue Couple

May 1, 2019
Humber Park

Written by Cameron Dickinson

As I was on standby to go out into the field as part of a secondary team for another search, another 911 call went out from dispatch that two hikers didn’t return to a planned birthday party, as originally reported by a concerned friend. Since our initial search had adequate rescuer coverage, me, and fellow team members Daniel and Blade headed over to Humber Park to meet with the responding Deputy’s to obtain any information about our hikers.

Once we arrived at the Park, and a friend of the missing couple arrived to provide us information about their whereabouts. The friend had indicated that he wasn’t exactly sure which trail or what destination his friends were hiking to, but said he thought they were planning a hike to Suicide Rock. The missing couple‚Äôs car was located, but in front Ernie Maxwell trail. Instead of heading to the trail that leads you to Suicide Rock, we decided to first do a quick hike on the Ernie Maxwell trail towards the Climbers Trail to Lily Rock to see if there was any possibility that hikers were in that area.

Right after we started our hike, we noticed lights in the distance from two headlamps. I shouted out the missing persons name and did receive a confirming response that these were the hikers we were looking for. It turned out that these hikers were not lost or missing at all, just running a little behind from their hike up to Lily Rock (and not Suicide Rock as originally thought). The couple was a little embarrassed about the emergency response that they had received but appeared to be in good spirits.

Rescuers and Subjects

Cameron, Danial, Subjects, Blake, and Sheriff
Photo by Shiriff.

We hiked with them back to base and they went to the birthday party.

RMRU Members Involved: Cameron Dickinson, Blake Douglas, and Daniel Tran.