Stranded Hiker Skyline

April 1, 2019
Grubs Notch Tramway

Written by Eric Holden

We received a call out for a stuck Skyline hiker. Word was that he was stuck on a rock and couldn’t go up or down at about 8,100ft. This was the exact description of a rescue I had done a few months ago, see Mission 2018-24.

Mission 2018-024

I met Tyler at the hanger and the plan was to do a hoist if possible, or be drop off and hike/climb to get to him. While we were waiting, the State Parks was able to hike to him, and turns out, he was past Coffman’s Crag and almost to the top, just tired. State Parks hiked to the subject and hiked him back out.

Tyler and I sat at the hanger for about an hour comparing climbing gear. Mission accomplished, big thanks to California State Parks!

RMRU Members Involved: Eric Holden and Tyler Shumway.