Hoist Ortega Falls

May 22, 2020
Cleveland National Forest

Written by Glenn Henderson.

Call Captain, Gwenda Yates called me to see if I was available for a hoist rescue since I am 10 minutes away from the hanger. I was, so I packed up my pack and left for Hemet Ryan Hanger where I met up with Pilot Eric Bashta and TFO (technical flight officer) Eric Hannum.

The call said that a man had fallen and suffered a broken leg. Cal Fire was on scene and had stabilized the patient, but they needed us to fly him out. We flew to Ortega Falls where I was lowered down to the patient. We got him in a litter and hoisted him out to a waiting ambulance on the Ortega Highway. I hiked up to the road with the Cal Fire personnel.

Eric and Eric were waiting for me in the middle of the road and we flew back to Hemet-Ryan airbase. Many thanks to Eric and Eric for another great job of flying and bringing me the hook perfectly.

RMRU Members Involved: Glenn Henderson.