Team Trips

RMRU believes the most effective team is the one that builds relationships both outside of and within team activities. RMRU members do not only go on Missions and Trainings. They also get with others on the team to do fun personal trips. These trips range from multi day canyoneering trips in Utah or ice climbing in Minnesota to a quick climb at Joshua Tree. One of the great advantages of being a team member is being surrounded by like minded people capable of doing the things we as members love to do. Below are just some examples of the fun trips that team members have done.

Kernville Canyoneering

Eric Holden-Nine RMRU members got together to do some canyoneering in Salmon Creek and Seven Teacups out of Kernville as a fun, off the books training. The first canyon, Salmon Creek,involved 5 rappels with the last being a 100-footfree hanging rappel off a 30-footchock stone. All of this is great training for walking off trail and down canyon bottoms. Also,the technical rope work is great training.

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University Peak-Seirra

Tyler Shumway-This year I was excited to share my passion for the Sierra Nevada by planning a recreational trip for the team. The main objective would be to summit University Peak at 13,589’ along with a few other peaks in the vicinity.

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