Stuck Mt. Biker

May 9, 2020
Cleveland National Forest

Written by Glenn Henderson.

The team was called out on Thursday evening at 7:30 PM. We were called for a mountain biker in the Elsinore area. It seems that a 59-year-old male had borrowed a friends e-bike and was riding on the Indian Truck Trail in the Cleveland National Forest. He had cut off the trail and was attempting to follow what he thought was a trail that eventually left him stuck in extremely steep terrain with six-foot-tall brush all around him.

He could not go down further, and it was too steep to go back up. Star 9 (sheriff’s helicopter) located the biker but did not have a qualified pilot to do a hoist to get him out. We met at the base of the mountain and were getting ready for long, all night hike in when we heard that Orange County’s helicopter was available with night vision and hoist capable.

They flew to the guy and were able to hoist him out. Our many thanks to them so we were able to return home at 1:30 AM. The biker was checked out by AMR (American Medical Response). He had no injuries. as a side note, we do not rescue bikes, so it is still there.

RMRU Members Involved: Cameron Dickinson, Blake Douglas, Corey Ellison, Glenn Henderson, Eric Holden, Tony Hughes, Beth Jeffery, and Vinay Rao.