Overdue Hiker Skyline

April 6, 2020
Skyline Trail up from Palm Springs

Written by Vinay Rao.

At approximately 1:00am on Monday morning the RMRU team received call about a lost hiker on the Skyline Trail. This is a steep trail and starts at the Palm Springs Desert Museum and goes to the upper tram (Mt San Jacinto). The hiker had begun his hike sometime on Friday (04/03/20). Unfortunately, the family was not aware that he was hiking or where he might have gone. After he did not return Friday evening, the family checked with friends and it was determined that he most likely had gone up the Skyline Trail. They called 911.

The command post for the search was set up at the Palm Springs Desert Museum at approximately 2:15am. At the initial briefing with the on-site RSO deputy, RMRU was notified that a relative of the hiker had started up the Skyline Trail at approximately 11:30 pm on Sunday night to begin his own search.

Vinay & Blake (Team 1) immediately began going up the Trail while Cameron (Team 2) who arrived about 20 minutes later followed. Fortunately, the temperatures were not to low and it was a beautiful night with a full moon that helped with visibility.

Morning on the Skyline coming back
Image by Vinay Rao

At approximately the 2500 ft. level Team 1 ran into the relative who through sheer determination had found the missing hiker. Team 1 performed a basic medical assessment on the hiker who was exhausted but ok.

Cameron, Subject, Vinay, Relative, and Blake near Base
Image by Glenn Henderson

After giving the hiker some food and water Team 1 began a steady descent, eventually meeting up with Team 2 and safely handing over both individuals to an awaiting ambulance crew and relieved family and friends.

Blake, Glenn, Vinay, Sheriff, and Cameron at Base
Image by Unknown

RMRU Members Involved: Cameron Dickinson, Blake Douglas, Glenn Henderson, and Vinay Rao.