62-Yr-Old Overdue

April 1, 2020
Skyline to Idyllwild

Written by Editor.

The first Wednesday of the month is the team Regular Meeting. This month for the first time in over 50+ years we did not meet in person. Using technology, we held an online meeting with around 25 members and the several Riverside County Sheriff’s members.

As the meeting was about 1- hour old Gwenda spoke up that she was taking a call about a mission. A few minutes later we found out that a 62-year-old started hiking a 5am in Palm Springs heading up the Skyline Trail to San Jacinto Peak and then down to Humber Park in Idyllwild. His friend that was to pick him up said he had not shown up yet.

We were to meet at Humber Park and start from there. Five members said they could leave right away, and Vinay said he would pick up the Rescue Truck. Also, one of the Sheriff’s was on duty up in Idyllwild and he said he would head to Humber Park to see if the subject showed up.

While the meeting continued the five began driving to Idyllwild. About 30 minutes later Gwenda cut in again and said the Sheriff at Humber Park had the subject who said the snow slowed him down way more then he thought it would and that is why he was late. Third but in good shape he rode to his friends’ home with the Sheriff.

RMRU Members Involved: Cameron Dickinson, Blake Douglas, Corey Ellison, Beth Jeffery, and Vinay Rao.