Missing JT Hiker

May 19, 2023
Joshua Tree National Park

Written by: Jessie Virga

On 5/18/2023, RMRU received a request for mutual aid to assist Joshua Tree Search and Rescue Team continue their search for a lost hiker. RMRU responded to the request and provided multiple rescue members to augment Joshua Tree’s continued efforts that Saturday, May19th.

All teams arrived onsite by 0500 for our briefing and we were divided into multiple search parties, pairing RMRU with JSAR and other teams rescue members. During our briefing we were given information on our missing hiker, Trammel Evans, 25. We based our expansive search on Trammell’s itinerary and where he could have possibly hiked in the park. With a detailed description of our subject and a very descriptive list of his hiking/backpacking items, we set out shortly after 0700 (sunrise).

After many hours of searching, all teams were unsuccessful in finding Trammell. We are deeply saddened by these results and hope that Trammell is found soon.

RMRU Members Involved: (Donny Goetz, Eric Holden, Vinay Rao, Jessie Virga, and Richard Yocum)

Other Units Involved: (Riverside County Sheriff’s K9 Team, Joshua Tree SAR, and other SAR Teams)