Hiker Injured Leg

May 4, 2023
Whitewater PCT Trail

Written by: Coby Brown

On May 4th RMRU had a callout to the Whitewater area for a PCT hiker who slipped in a water crossing injuring her leg. It was a cloudy day raining off and on so air support was not able to fly and RMRU was called out. We had 7 team members assisting in this mission along with RSO personnel.

Our plan was to hike out to the subject assess her injuries and bring her back to Command Post on the wheeled litter. We started up the trail with Richard and Rob as our hasty team out front and the rest of us bringing gear and the litter, about 1/2 mile in we were informed Rescue 9 was in route and going to hoist the subject out and land at the CP to transfer care to Paramedics. We waited until Rescue 9 flew over and then went back to base. The subject was flown back by Rescue 9 and transferred to the Paramedics on seen. Excellent work by all team members involved.

RMRU Members Involved: (Coby Brown, Donny Goetz, Glenn Henderson, Eric Holden, Tobias Moyneur, Rob Newton, and Richard Yocum)

Other Units Involved: (Riverside County Sheriff’s, Aviation Rescue 9, Paramedics)