Stuck in Snow

January 23, 2023
Skyline Trail Tramway

Written by: Editor.

At 1:50 just after lunch we received a call that a hiker was stuck in the snow on the upper Skyline Trail near the Tramway. The hiker was supposed to meet his Wife at 2pm at the upper Tramway. Sheriff’s Aviation took off to fly over and see if they could find the subject, but it would be to windy to do a hoist. Rescue-9 found the subject back down at 2,000 feet hiking back down. Everyone driving to the Tramway turned around and headed home at 3pm.

(NOTE: This is one of the rare times when the subject did the correct thing and rather than continuing up to the Tramway, he turned around and hiked back down not having crampons and ice axe.)

RMRU Members Involved: (Josh Gould, Glenn Henderson, Beth Jeffery, and Richard Yocum)