Hoist Rescue

July 30, 2022
Pechanga Reservation (Temecula)

Written by: Vinay Rao

Late Saturday evening (7-30-22), RMRU received a call about a person that had was lost on the Pechanga Reservation (near Temecula, CA) for about three days and was heard calling for help by some hikers in the area. Pechanga Fire was with the subject and needed RMRU and RSO Aviation to hoist them out.

Responding team members were Vinay and Josh. We met the Rescue-9 crew at Hemet-Ryan airport and headed to the subject’s location. Arriving at the location we determined that the best option was to bring all parties, the subject and the two firefighter/paramedics, up to Resq9.

Vinay went down on the hoist with three body suits while Josh organized activities on the helicopter to receive the subject. The hoist of all four parties – subject, firefighters, and Vinay – was accomplished quickly and safely.

The subject was dropped off at Inland Valley Medical Center and we returned to Hemet Ryan Airport. A short and smooth rescue!

RMRU Members Involved: (Josh Gould and Vinay Rao)

Other Agencies Involved: (RSO – Rescue 9 and Pechanga Fire)