Lost off Trail

May 15, 2022
Devils Slide Trail

Written by: Eric Holden

Tom was spending the night at my house to get ready for a big canyoneering trip the next morning. While he was disassembling his rescue pack to be turned into canyoneering Pack. We got a call out for a lost hiker about a mile up the devils slide trail. I geared up and went out to Tom’s van to see him continuing to pack canyoneering gear.

He sees me in my RMRU Shirt and like a deer in headlights, checks his phone and sees the callout. I give him 10 to repack for rescue. Just as we hope in my car to begin the drive up the mountain, we get a 90 that the subject walked out. Well Tom, guess you get to re-re-repack for canyoneering tomorrow morning.

RMRU Members Involved: (Tom Blanke, James Eckhardt, Eric Holden, Donny Goetz, Steven Rider, and Vinay Rao)