OES Orange County

November 24, 2021
Cleveland National Forrest near Pleasants Peak, CA.

Written by Ray Weden 

At 1450 on November 24th, RMRU was called out to search for an overdue person last known to be driving the dirt roads in the Cleveland National Forrest near Pleasants Peak.  This call originated from the Orange County Sheriff’s Department as the missing person was thought to have driven up from the OC side.  Pleasants Peak is the dividing line between OC and Riverside County and we were asked to come up from the Riverside County side to see if we can locate the subject.  As we were coordinating our response, OCSO Helicopter spotted the missing person on their side and OSCAR was responding to their location.  We stood down at this point and OCSAR completed the rest of this mission.

RMRU Members Involved:
Vinay Rao, Ray Weden, Tony Hughes, Matt Frenken, James Eckhardt, Blake Douglas, Steven Rider

Other Agencies:
OCSAR, OCSO Aviation