Deer Springs Hiker

April 19, 2021
Deer Springs Trailhead

Written by Beth Jeffery.

As everyone was headed to bed, we received a call out at 10:40pm on April 19, 2021. There was a lost hiker on the Deer Springs trail and her battery on her phone was about to die. We changed into uniforms, grabbed our packs, and headed up the hill in the dark to Idyllwild.

I was first to arrive to meet the deputy at the trailhead. Rescue 9 helicopter had located the lost hiker and had done a hoist and was bringing the hiker back to safety. Other RMRU members arrived, and some others were still on the way. We all headed home after Rescue 9 had the hikers safely on the ground.

RMRU Members Involved: (Coby Brown, Kase Chong, Shawn Dennistedt, Beth Jeffery, and Becky Templeton)