Rescue Hoist Corona

April 03, 2021
Hagador Canyon, Corona

Written by Tyler Shumway.

At 2120 I received a call from Gwenda to do a hoist near Skyline in Corona. This would be the first night mission with Riverside County Sheriff’s Aviation new H145 helicopter. Rob also got the call since he is also less than 10 minutes away from Hemet Ryan Airport.

The call came in as two subjects lost and off trail near Hagador Canyon. With no light, food, or water they called 911. We received their location from dispatch via cell phone ping which put them at 1,900ft along a steep and brushy slope east of Hagador Canyon. Rob and I and geared up and rehearsed the extraction plan. After final safety checks we were on our way with less than a 10-minute flight to their location.

Rob and I were inserted onto a steep and brushy slope to make contact. After initial assessment, the two were in good spirits and without injuries. Both were unprepared for a day hike with no food, water, light, or proper footwear (one was wearing sandals). After a suiting them up Rob and I briefed them on what to expect for the hoist. All four of us were extracted without incident. With the capabilities of the new H145 we were able be able to hoist both subjects along with Rob and me. With a full crew this put a total of 7 people on board. Previously, this would have taken two trips with the smaller helicopter. With the added power of the H145 this mission was over in less than an hour. Thank you, Riverside County Sheriff’s Aviation Unit, for yet again another successful and safe rescue.

Rescue 9 Crew and Tyler and Robert
Image by Avation Member.

RMRU Members Involved: Robert Newton and Tyler Shumway.