Foothills Search

September 06, 2020
Menifee Area

Written by Vinay Rao.

Early Sunday morning, RMRU was activated to begin a search for a lost person in the Menifee area. The team met at 6:00am at a residential area where the individual lived and briefed with SERT (Sheriff Emergency Response Team) and officers from the Menifee Police Department.

Members of the Riverside County Search Dogs – Mike Delannoy with K-9 dog “Journey” and Ember Delannoy with K-9 dog “Canyon” – had already begun the search earlier in the morning. During the briefing, the Command Post (CP) received word from the K-9 team that they had located the individual. Unfortunately, she was deceased.

RMRU team members Vinay and Cameron (Team 1) along with two deputies from the Menifee PD were sent to the individual’s location to assess the terrain and determine whether she could be brought out via a litter or needed to be hoisted out via the RSO Star 9 helicopter. After consultation with the Command Post we determined that a litter was the best way to go and team members Beth and Josh (Team 2) and several RSO deputies came to her location with the necessary equipment. We worked together to bring the deceased person down and the mission was completed before the extreme heat of the afternoon set in.

Beth, Cameron, Josh, Vinay, and Raymond at Base.
Image by Sheriff.

Riverside Mountain Rescue Unit wishes to express its condolences to the family and friends of the deceased person.

RMRU Members Involved: Cameron Dickinson, Josh Gould, Beth Jeffery, Vinay Rao, and Raymond Weden.