Fallen Climber

July 12, 2020
Tahquitz Rock

Written by James Eckhardt.

On Saturday, RMRU trained technical raises and lowers on Suicide Rock, and on Sunday we received a call for a rescue on Tahquitz. The two subjects had been climbing Traitor Horn, a classic route on Tahquitz. The leader of the party apparently fell, but due to high winds, the belayer and leader could not communicate. This prompted the follower to call for rescue.

RMRU arrived at Keenwild to prepare for helicopter transport of gear and personnel to Tahquitz. Before picking us up, Star-9 flew to Tahquitz to look for the climbers; the climbers were spotted safe at the top of the route and signaled that they did not need rescue. While we are always prepared for a technical rescue, we were happy to hear the climbers did not need assistance.

RMRU Members Involved: Kase Chong, Cameron Dickinson, Blake Douglas, James Eckhart, Michael George, Donny Goetz, Eric Holden, Vinay Rao, and Tyler Shumway.