Lost Hiker Morgan Trail

July 03, 2020
South Main Divide – Cleveland Nation Forest

Written by Tony Hughes.

The third mission of the day started around 9:30 PM when a dehydrated hiker on the Morgan trail needed assistance. Star 9 flew over to confirm the subject’s location and RMRU was dispatched to the Morgan Trailhead off South Main Divide in Cleveland National Forest.

I arrived on scene around 10:30 PM and met Cameron and Josh, both of whom had been on
the first mission of the day at Pumpkin Rock and were driving to the second mission at Humber Park when they got word to split off and head to the Morgan trail while other team members continued to Humber Park. Corey and Kaitlyn were also coming to meet us.

Cal Fire, 2 Sheriff’s deputies, and an ambulance were already at the trailhead when we arrived. The subject was on the trail a little over a mile from the trailhead. The Deputies and a few members of Cal Fire had already hiked into the subject and were giving him fluids by IV. We
we are anticipating a carry out and Cal Fire assembled their stokes and wheel and Cameron, Josh and I walked in with the litter team.

We had traveled about 3/4 of a mile when the team with the subject came walking our way. The subject was able to walk out with the help of the IV fluids. All teams reversed course and walked with the subject to the waiting ambulance.

This mission is a good reminder to never hike alone and do not underestimate the heat, especially now that it is getting hotter out.

RMRU Members Involved: Cameron Dickinson, Corey Ellison, Josh Gould, Tony Hughes, and Kaitlyn Purington.