Search 65-year-old woman

June 09, 2020
Ranch on Apple Valley Road, Garner Valley

Written by Glenn Henderson.

The team was called out on Monday evening for a search starting at 8 am Tuesday on a ranch at the end of Apple Valley Road in Garner Valley. We were searching for a 65-year-old woman that was reported missing on Sunday.

At Base getting ready to go Searching.
Image by Beth.

She was last seen by her boyfriend on Saturday afternoon around 2 PM. She was known to hike around her ranch which was 160 acres in all. We were met there by Sheriff’s deputies, search dog team and Swat teams due to the high incidence of marijuana growing nearby in some of the draws that had water.

Ranch and hills behind that we Searched.
Image by Beth.

We had set up our search grids the night before, so we were able to deploy search teams immediately after the briefing. The area had been burned over by a forest fire a couple years before, so the area was open. We had numerous assignments so as soon as one was completed another one was assigned. We searched until 6 PM with nothing found.

Looking down at Ranch while Searching Hills.
Image by Beth.

We met again on Wednesday at 8 am and started with new assignments and to redo some of the more difficult areas. Again, nothing was found. We completed all assignments by 6 pm and then detectives called the physical search off and they took over the investigation.

Stream in Canyon being Searched.
Image by Beth.

RMRU Members Involved: Cameron Dickinson, Blake Douglas, James Eckhardt, Glenn Henderson, Eric Holden, Beth Jeffery, and Vinay Rao.