Lost Hiker Skyline Corona

May 30, 2020
Cleveland National Forest

Written by Cameron Dickinson.

On Saturday, May 30th, the team was notified in response to a 911 call that was received of a lost male hiker in the hills on the southeastern side of the Skyline Trail in Corona. Riverside County Sheriff’s Aviation would initially do a flyover to confirm the location of the lost hiker. With the hiker located, Aviation would land their helicopter in a field adjacent to the Skyline Trailhead to wait on standby as RMRU team members were within minutes of arriving.

The hiker was located close to the Skyline Trail but became disoriented and lost due to his lack familiarity of the area as well as being away from any designated or well-travelled trails. Sheriff’s Dept asked him to wait at his current location for rescue to arrive. I would be first to arrive on scene, and Sheriff’s Aviation would fly me over and drop me off in an open field at the base of the hill relatively close to the hiker’s location.

Our other team members Shani, Blake, and Tony would be on standby, with Beth in route. The hiker found himself in deep, heavy vegetation, and it would take me approximately 30 minutes of uphill bush whacking to get to him. I reached him and found him in good condition but needed to provide him with water as he did not bring hydration, food, or a pack with any supplies.

I would notify my team that was on standby that I had reached our subject and would hike him out the short distance back to the command post. The hike back out would be a much easier process, and within 30-40 minutes we would soon be off the hill and heading back to base.

Tony, Blake, Cameron, Subject, and Shani at Base.
Image by Deputy.

RMRU Members Involved: Cameron Dickinson, Blake Douglas, Tony Hughes, Beth Jeffery, and Shani Pynn.