Skyline Pickup

February 19, 2020
Skyline 5,000 Foot Level

Written by James Eckhardt

At 9:45PM on Wednesday night, we got a callout for a rescue on skyline. Blake and I responded to Hemet Ryan to prepare for a helicopter rescue. The subjects were in good condition, albeit a little cold, hungry and lost, their primary concern.

We flew to the subjects’ general location and searched from the helicopter for a few minutes before we saw the two subjects. The subjects were around 5000 feet in elevation, and there was nowhere to land. We flew to Palm Springs to reconfigure for a hover step and flew back to the subjects’ location which had a lot of great places to perform a hover step.

Blake and I were dropped off close to the subjects, advised them how to do a hover step and Blake completed a hover step with the first subject. I waited with the second subject for the helicopter to come back, and then completed the hover step without incident. We dropped the subjects off to the waiting deputies and Vinay and Beth.

Helicopter Flying out at Night
Image by James Eckhardt

Thanks to RSO Aviation for another safe and successful mission.

RMRU Members Involved: Blake Douglas, James Eckhardt, Beth Jeffery, and Vinay Rao.