Cold Hiker Rescue

December 1, 2019
Round Valley, San Jacinto Mts.

Written by Glenn Henderson.

On Sunday evening at 11:05 PM the team was called out for an overdue hiker that had hiked the Skyline Trail to the summit of Mt. San Jacinto and was to return to the Palm Spring Tramway. As we got dressed for the mission and were in our cars headed out, we were told to stand down as Sheriff’s aviation unit Star 9 had landed in Round Valley and picked up the hiker and transported him to the hospital with severe hypothermia.

TFO with Subject and Campers
Image by Sheriff’s Aviation.

The hiker was coming down from the peak and just ran out of energy and collapsed in the snow. He called out for help and luckily for him some campers in a tent in Round Valley heard him and went out see what was wrong. They help carry him back to their tent and called for help. When Star 9 came into the valley they helped carry him out to the helicopter. These campers in Round Valley save this man life.

RMRU Members Involved: James Eckhardt, Glenn Henderson, and Vinay Rao.