Lost Woman Inyo County

July 13, 2019
White Mountains

Written by James Echkardt

After a great day of technical rock training on Longview Dome on July 13, we were activated to search for a missing camper and her dog in the White Mountains. The camper had been reported missing on July 12 near Grandview Campground. Cameron Dickinson and I were able to respond, and we drove to Bishop, CA directly after the training.

After a few hours of sleep, I was paired with two members of the Inyo SAR and later joined by a member of China Lake Mountain Rescue. Cameron was ill, so was unable to join the search. Our assignment was to thoroughly search an area of rolling hills one mile south of the point last seen. The terrain was fairly open and very easy to navigate, a change from our often-scrubby brushy terrain. We completed our search area having found no clues.

We drove back to Riverside, and on July 14, heard the great news that both the subject and her dog were found alive about 2.5 miles south of their last known location.

RMRU Members Involved: Cameron Dickinson and James Echardt.