Hoist Rescue

April 21, 2019
Dawn Peak in Anza Borrego

Written by Glenn Henderson

At 1 AM Easter morning the phone rings. Never a good sound and sure enough it is call captain Gwenda Yates. She asked if I can be at the hanger by 6 AM for a hoist rescue? I said sure but why wait? The winds were too high so we hoped that early morning would be a little less wind.

It seems that Scott had driven up a dirt ravine and left his truck to go hiking. This is in San Diego county. He then hiked to the 6100’ level of Dawn peak in Anza Borrego Desert State Park. Once he got there, which is now in Riverside County, he could not figure out his way back down and was running out of water.

Star 9 tried to get to him on Saturday night, but the winds were too strong. They talked to Scott and he said he was ok to spend the night as he had some water, food and shelter.

Heading to Hoist

Pilot Heading to Hoist Area
Photo by Glenn Henderson.

I met pilot Chad Marlatt and TFO (technical flight operator)/pilot Ray Hiers at 6 AM. Due to low cloud cover we could not lift off until 7:30. We flew to Scotts location where I was hoisted down to Scott. I quickly put a “screamer suit” on him and Ray hoisted him into the helicopter. Ray then sent the hook back down to me and hoisted me back inside.

Star-9 and SD Sheriff

Star-9 and San Diego Sheriff with Subject
Photo by Glenn Henderson.

We had to land in San Diego county and met one of their sheriff deputies who took charge of Scott and was to drive him back to his truck. We flew back to the hanger and I got to go home while Chad and Ray finished their shift ending at 6 PM. Another tough rescue made easy by the expertise of Riverside’s pilots and crew.

RMRU Members Involved: Glenn Henderson.