Missing Hiker Backpack

March 24, 2019
Fuller Ridge Trail Area

Written by Editor

Gwenda received a call that a PCT hiker separated from his hiking partner had found his backpack off the trail but could not find his partner. As members called in and started getting ready to head out to Idyllwild, Gwenda got more information and asked that the hiker be sure it was his partners pack. It turned out it was the backpack of the German PCT hiker form the night before (See mission March 23).

In the next few minutes the PCT hiker kept hiking and calling out and he found his partner who was just fine. RMRU members stopped getting ready to head out and went back to bed.

As a note the next day Jon King of Idyllwild hiked up and brought the missing backpack back and gave it to the German Hiker who was rescue (March 23) and he is continuing his PCT hike.

RMRU Members Involved: Kevin Kearn, Kaitlyn Purington, and Gwenda Yates.