Thomas Mt. Search

December 15, 2018
Garner Valley

Written by Kaitlyn Purington

On the 15th of December, members of the team conducted a search out near Thomas Mountain, close to the Ramona Trailhead. The purpose of this search was to search for a man who had been missing since the summer. This subjectís car was found in the Tool Box Springs Campground after he had been reported missing in the summer. Due to the recent fires in that area, a search by our team was not able to be conducted until this date.

Tyler Garner Valley

Tyler with Garner Valley in the Background
Photo by Eric Holden.

Eric, Shani, and Tyler made up one team that searched in one of the north drainages that lead from tool box springs campground. Corey and I searched another drainage more toward the east of the campground with the help of two DSAR members. Unfortunately, these drainages were very overgrown with oaks and manzanita, and were very difficult to make our way through.

Tyler and Shani Searching

Tyler and Shani Searching Drainage
Photo by Eric Holden.

As we continued down the drainage, we did not see much evidence that anyone had wandered down there anytime soon. Only seeing a few beer cans and a water bottle at the beginning near the campground. Glenn and Steve also conducted a search that included a flatter area near the campground. Tyler, Shani, and Eric when they were finished with their drainage, continued down one of the trails that continued toward the highway. Corey, I, and the DSAR members searched the trail next to the drainage as we made our way back to the campground. As we searched, Gwenda ran base and communications between the teams.

Unfortunately, in our searches, we did not find much evidence of the subject.

RMRU Members Involved: Steve Bryant, Corey Ellison, Glenn Henderson, Eric Holden, Kaitlyn Purington, Shani Pynn, Tyler Shumway, and Gwenda Yates.