Rescue Massacre Canyon

October 03, 2018
Hills above city of San Jacinto

Written by Tyler Shumway

RMRU received a call out 9:00am on Wednesday for a stranded hiker in Massacre Canyon. Glenn and I were the first to arrive on scene. The hiker had cell signal and was able to call for help. She had climbed up the cliff side from the bottom of the canyon and could not go any further due to the steep and loose terrain.

Glenn and I geared up and took the high trail. Shani arrived shortly after and started in from the lower trail (canyon floor). Glenn and I contacted the subject within 20 minutes and noticed she was accompanied by another hiker. The hiker was not part of her group and had already ascended the cliff face to help. By the time we got directly above them they had already climbed up most of the way even after being told to stay put and wait for a rope.

I down climbed to them with a rope and put a coil on the subject who initially called for help as she was struggling the most. The hiker that provided helped was able to climb out without assistance. With Glenn on belaying, we climbed back up to the high trail and kept her on belay throughout the traverse back to the canyon floor. The hiker was reunited with her family and the mission was over by 11:30am.

RMRU Members Involved: Glenn Henderson, Shani Pynn, Alex Rilloraza, and Tyler Shumway.