Lake Hemet Mudslide Standby

October 01, 2018
Garner Valley, Lake Hemet

Written by Shani Pynn

At roughly 10:30 AM Monday we were called out to standby at Lake Hemet to assist with a response to potential mudslides later that day. We had been advised the week before that we might be called out, so I had already checked with the bosses about leaving work early. The Lake Hemet and Hurkey Creek areas had had mudslides already this year and the weather forecast had a large potential for rainfall.

Rescuers Standing By

RMRU and DSAR Rescurers Standing By
Photo by Unknown.

I picked up our team vehicle from the Sheriff’s station and arrived at the Lake Hemet station at roughly 1:30 PM. There, I met Steve and Dana, as well as the folks from the Desert SAR team who had also come to help. During our time on standby the weather threatened to rain in the area with flood potential several times, but eventually cleared up enough that we were able to head home for the night. We left the station at about 8 PM and I returned our vehicle before heading home.

RMRU Members Involved: Steve Bryant, Dana Potts, and Shani Pynn.