Lost Hiker Hagador Canyon

Auguest 31, 2018
South of Tin Mine Canyon

Written by Tyler Shumway

I received a call out at 1:40pm while I was in Banning taking pictures for work. I was to report to Hemet Ryan for a hoist mission. After suiting up we were in the air just before 2:30pm. Sheriff’s Aviation had located a female hiker off trail and in steep terrain after she was able to call 911 for assistance. She was on a steep face in Hagador Canyon which is just south of the popular Tin Mine Canyon.

I was inserted in a nearby clearing that allowed me to contour along the hill side to the subject’s location. After a short bushwhack I made contact. She was in good spirits and stated that she got off trail and could not continue any further due to the steep and loose terrain. I gave her water and snacks as she had run out a few hours ago.

After carefully side hilling in dense bush we made our way back to the clearing for the hoist. We were both hoisted one after the other and returned to Corona Municipal Airport for drop off. We then flew back to Hemet Ryan. Mission was a 90 by 3:30pm.

RMRU Members Involved: Tyler Shumway.

Sheriff’s Aviation: Pilot Eric Bashta and TFO Jerry Osterloh.