Missing Person

March 13, 2018
Sage Area

Written by Glenn Henderson

We received a callout from call captain Gwenda Yates for a search in the Sage area for a mid-20-year-old that may be suicidal. We responded at 2 PM. We were led by deputies to a remote area where a bloodhound had lost the subjects scent.

The three of us split up and searched an area of approximately half a mile area. We picked up sign of someone walking up and down a steep brushy canyon. The print looked like a cowboy boot and followed it to the paved road where it disappeared. We returned to the deputies and asked to go to the house to see if we could get a definite print of our subject.

The deputies led us to the house. Our subjectís girlfriend and father came out and said that he had just showed up and was in a barn nearby. The deputy interviewed him at length and the subject wanted to be taken in for a psych evaluation which the deputy did. And the prints we found were from the girlfriend. She had been out looking for him earlier.

Glenn's Partner

Glenn's Search Partner
Photo by Glenn Henderson.

We all returned home glad that it turned out well and we hope that young man gets the help he needs.

RMRU Members Involved: Glenn Henderson, Eric Holden, and Tyler Shumway.