Evidence Search

November 29, 2017
Cactus Rest Stop I-10 Freeway

Written by Glenn Henderson

The team was activated to assist the Ontario Police Department to search for Julia B. Jacobson and her dog who was believed to be a homicide victim. Julia was an Army Captain who served two tours in Iraq and one tour in Bosnia.

We responded to the Cactus Springs rest stop along interstate 10 east of Indio. At 5:30 am and found a very large base camp set up. There were around 150 searchers involved including RMRU, Desert Sheriff’s Search and Rescue, Search dog teams, San Bernardino Cave Search and Rescue, Mounted posse SAR teams and San Bernardino Sheriff’s Explorer teams. It was a very organized search and we were all in the field in a timely manner. Everyone was assigned into teams of 20 or so and we did line searches all day long. At the end of the day we found no evidence of Julia and we were released at 4:30 PM. With so many people on hand I was confident we would find her, so it was a very sombre drive Home.

Julia and her dog were recovered two days later at a dirt road, 8 miles east of where we were searching. We are relieved that she was found due to detective work by Ontario Police and our condolences go out to Julia’s family and friends.

RMRU Members Involved: Steve Bryant, Cameron Dickinson, Gary Farris, Michael George, Glenn Henderson, Eric Holden, and Shani Pynn.