PCT Hiker Fuller Ridge Down

November 27, 2017
Fuller Ridge Down to Seven Pines Trail

Written by Pete Carlson

Looking for something FUN to do on a Monday hike Eric and I decided to explore from top to bottom the drainage where we had found a sleeping bag in August. We meet up at 7am at the Seven Pines Trailhead. We left my car there and took Ericís car up to the Fuller Ridge Trailhead.

At the Fuller Ridge trail head, it was close to 32 degrees, 30-40 mile an hour winds, and we were in the clouds. FUN day for a hike we thought. We took of up the trail at a good pace to keep warm. As we hiked up we got some hail and snow, but not much. Once we reached the drainage and dropped down off the ridge the wind let up and as we descended the clouds started to clear.

We past our low point from before and started looking around more as we went down. This was a fun drainage to descend with lots of interesting features to get around. In the first part we did not see any signs that anyone had gone down this drainage. But as we got near the bottom we could see where people had hiked here before. We found no signs of the missing PCT hiker.

Once near the bottom it leveled out and we found an old road that we could follow most of the way back to the Seven Pines Trail. From here we took my car back up to the Fuller Ridge, so Eric could pick up his car. All in all, a great day out of doors even if we did not find what we were looking for. We will be back again looking in other areas in the future. Our thoughts go out to his Family and Friends and we hope we can resolve his missing case in the future.

RMRU Members Involved: Pete Carlson and Eric Holden.