69-Year-Old Lost

October 28, 2017
Seven Pines Trail

Written by Raymond Weden

Shortly after sunset on RMRU was activated to assist a solo 69-year old male who had become lost after accidentally taking the wrong trail junction coming down from San Jacinto Peak. We were given an approximate GPS location from Sheriff’s Dispatch based on his cell phone which he used to call for help. Our subject was near the north fork of the San Jacinto River where the Seven Pines Trail crosses. He was staying put a waiting rescue.

When I arrived at the Seven Pines trail head, Cameron and Tyler were already there along with a couple of Sheriff’s Deputies and with Mike a few minutes behind me. Prior to RMRU arriving on scene, a State Park Ranger headed up trail to our missing subject. As the State Park Ranger had about an hour jump on us and was already with the subject when we arrived, we decided to get mission ready but hold at the trail head just in case. About an hour later the Ranger and our lost subject made it to the trail head in good condition.

RMRU Members Involved: Cameron Dickinson, Michael George, Tyler Shumway, and Raymond Weden.