Lost Hiker near Saddle

April 4, 2017
Saddle Junction above Humber Park

Written by Eric Holden

Another callout, this time to Humber Park. Word was that a PCT Hiker was lost on the trail. I boogie on out and 70 minutes later I meet up with Tyler at Humber. We find out that the hiker is not a PCT hiker, but just a guy on a day hike. He was spotted by the helicopter and his Lat/Long put him very close to Saddle Junction. As we were gearing up Wayne pulled up in his own personal mobile command post. We tested radios and with Wayne running base, Tyler and I quickly headed up Devil's Slide. If the pudding hits the fan and something goes wrong, Wayne is our life line. Within 1 hour we had voice contact with the subject. He was up some icy sections so we donned crampons, ice axe, and helmets. Within 10 minutes we found David.

Subject and Tyler

Subject and Tyler above Saddle Junction
Photo by Eric Holden.

David is a musician from the L.A. area staying in Idyllwild to get some more inspiration and decided to go on a hike up to Tahquitz and lost the trail after the Saddle. He was cold, but had food and water. We quickly started back down the trail and made it back to base about 45 minutes after dark. And of course, 5 minutes later Cameron shows up with our RMRU command post only to have to turn around and head back home.

What went wrong: The subject went on a hike, into the snow, without the proper gear. He lacked warm clothing and anything to keep from slipping on the trail. He also had no map, compass, GPS, or knowledge of the area.

Always remember your 10 essentials! 10 Essentials

RMRU Members Involved: Cameron Dickinson, Eric Holden, Tyler Shumway, and Wayne Smith.