Rescue Hikers

September 18, 2016
Box Springs Mountains, Riverside

Written by Dana Potts

On Sunday Evening at about 9:30pm RMRU was called to foothills of Riverside near the University of Riverside. Two hikers had found themselves stuck on a rock outcropping to the west of the "Big C Trail."

Any footing they had was very loose and darkness added to the danger of attempting to climb down. Upon arrival, team members met with the Riverside County Sheriff's and spoke with the helicopter overhead to pin point the location of the two hikers. After a short hike, RMRU could provide some needed water and light for the subjects. A short time later, both hikers and RMRU team members were back at the base without incident.

RMRU Members Involved: Glenn Henderson, Kevin Kearn, Dana Potts, Wayne Smith, Raymond Weden, and Gwenda Yates.