Fallen Climber Near Tramway

September 5, 2016
San Jacinto State Park Tramway

Written by Raymond Weden

After the long 3-day weekend was winding down RMRU received a call around 8:30pm for an injured rock climber that had taken a fall. We were informed that our injured subject had sustained a head injury after falling while climbing.

Cameron and I were directed to Hemet Ryan Airport while Matt headed to the Palm Springs Tramway. Cam and I compared our gear to ensure we had the proper medical and technical gear needed for this rescue and headed up in Star 9. After a short trip over the mountain, we located our injured subject below. The terrain was very steep and we could not be hoisted near him.

We were dropped about a quarter mile uphill and made our slow and careful down climb to him. When we arrived two State Park Rangers had already made their way to our injured party. Our subject, nicknamed Ice, had sustained a head injury and needed immediate medical assistance. Star 9 dropped the stokes litter to our location and we prepared to package Ice up for a helicopter evacuation.

Star 9 hoisted our injured subject and flew him directly to the hospital in Palm Springs. Cameron and I made our way back to the climbing area where the rest of Ice’s party was still assembled. The State Park Rangers were going to hike the remaining uninjured climbers back the Tramway while Cam and I went back to Hemet Ryan on Star 9.

As of this printing, Ice was still in the hospital in critical but stable condition. Our thoughts and prayers are for a speedy and full recovery.

RMRU Members Involved: Cameron Dickinson, Matt Jordon and Raymond Weden.

Other Agencies Involved: California State Park Rangers, RSO Aviation Star 9.